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 Log-i-Cal Pro

The Best productivity app for iPad!


***NEW RELEASE 1.1.3 ... still ad-FREE***

Are you:
 - always out of time?

  - Overwhelmed by your workload or life's demands?
 - Do you lose sight of activities, events or projects? 
 - Caught unprepared by a deadline suddenly coming due?
 - Do you have difficulty saying "No!" ?

- Have you tried other task apps and been disappointed?

If you have answered "Yes!" to any one of those questions,
log-i-cal is for you!

log-i-cal  is the first and only app, created by professional productivity experts,
designed to show you your entire workload in a simple, easy to use screen.

No configuration required. It's ready for you from the 
View your calendar and the
right tasks at the right time!

Based on recognized productivity principles, our unique algorithm will show you only
the tasks you said you needed to see, exactly when you need to see them, creating
the ultimate radar from which to manage your busy life.

Regain a sense of control over your workload, improve your work/life balance, stay
focused on your priorities, achieve more of what you want (or need) to achieve!

If calendars, to-do lists, and Post-It notes have failed you before, here's the reason
why: they were not integrated into one single, easy to use, easy to read central location,
make it nearly impossible for you make the proper decision, as you are not seeing the
"complete picture".  

With log-i-cal  and our proven workload management techniques, you will:
 - notice a drastic improvement in your ability to focus on the right task at the right time;
 - be better able to adjust to changes, and negotiate from a position of knowledge,
 - avoid over-committing;
 - be able to continually see your progress toward achieving your goals.

Watch the 1:00 trailer ...

Take the 2:20 tour ... 

log-i-cal is a "MUST" for anybody who never has enough time in a day!

If you are
 - a young urban professional on your way up;
 - a busy executive for a Fortune 500 company;
 - self-employed;
 - a stay-at-home parent;
 - single parent;
 - head of a multiple children household;
 - a busy volunteer;
 - grade school teacher;
 - college student;
or anything in between ... 
log-i-cal was designed with you in mind!

With your comments, suggestions and ideas, this app will continue to get better
and improve functionality. Get it now
, and enjoy future updates.  
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Use log-i-cal for a couple of weeks to see and feel how smooth life can be when
you regain a sense of control.

This is
the APP you cannot live without.

Try this truly a life-changing tool!

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Log-i-Cal Pro - Log-i-Cal


Calendar allows for: 
 - All entries to synchronizes seamlessly with native iCal (useful when your multiple devices are all subscribing to iCloud), - Creation of all-day events / appointments / meetings invitations, 
 - Creation of repeating all-day events / appointments / meetings invitations, 
 - Creation of reminders for any calendar entries,
 - Our unique Drag'n Drop functionality (to create a task from a calendar entry),
 - Drag'n Drop to re-schedule any calendar entries,

Tasks allow for:
 - Showing or hiding task list,
 - Our unique "See it, when you need it" view (no configuration necessary),
 - Incomplete and overdue tasks will carry forward (Log-i-Cal will never let you forget),
 - Overdue tasks turn red,
 - Our unique Drag'n Drop functionality (to create a calendar entry from a task),
 - Start Date / Due Date / Date Completed, 
 - Priority,
 - Categories (to group tasks relating to similar projects / initiatives)
 - creation of reminders on any task.

Many easy to access views:
 - All Tasks,
 - Task by Categories,
 - Task Completed,
 - Uncompleted Tasks,
 - Task by Priorities,
 - Active Tasks in view ("See it, when you need it"),
 - Day View,
 - 5-day work week View, 
 - 7-day week View (with Saturday and Sunday together!),
 - Month View,
 - 1-touch get back to Today,
 - 1-touch build-in access to for support.  

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Log-i-Cal Pro - Log-i-Cal